The stock market of the Regional Stock Exchange closed down this week with a BRVM C which contracted by 1.01% to 197.7 points, a BRVM 30 by 1% to 98.9 points and a BRVM Prestige by 1.20% to 102.5 points. This week's underperformance is linked to declines in all sectoral indices except for the "Transport" and "Other Sectors" sectors, which recorded increases of 0.35% and 6.82% respectively this week. On the other hand, the sectors "Distribution" (-3.59%), "Industry" (-2.11%), "Agriculture" (-1.44%), "Public Services" (-1.10%), "Finance" (-0.15%) are all in poor shape this week. As for volume transactions, they are down, unlike the previous week, standing at 2,938,629 shares traded against 4,224,076 shares. ETI TOGO dominates trade, accounting for 90% of this volume. In value, transactions increased by 33.41% to 1.72 billion FCFA against 1.29 billion FCFA last week. In value terms, BOA Côte d'Ivoire and BICI Côte d'Ivoire accounted for 11% and 38% of transactions respectively. In total, 12 values are up against 24 down, 8 values have remained constant.

The BRVM bond market shows a market capitalization down by XOF 5 million, or -0.05%. The overall capitalization of the bonds is 9 98 1 billion FCFA as of 21 April 2023. The TPCI symbol bond. O22 represents 74% of transactions in value which increased by 23.14% to 1.06 billion FCFA.