BSE | Botswana Stock Exchange - Market Performance - 1 January to 31 August 2022

    During the period 1 January to 31 August 2022, the Domestic Company Index (DCI) appreciated by 5.1% in comparison to a depreciation of 2.0% during the same period in 2021 and the Domestic Company Total Return Index (DCTRI) appreciated by 9.4% in comparison to an increase of 1.6% in the corresponding 2021 period. The Foreign Company Index (FCI) registered an appreciation of 0.7% on a year-to-date basis in 2022 in comparison to an appreciation of 0.1% over the same period in 2021.

    Trading activity during the review period in 2022 increased by 102.1% from the corresponding period in 2021. As at the end of August 2022, a total equity turnover of P818.6 Million was recorded from traded volumes of 372.3 Million shares, translating into an average daily turnover of P5.0 Million. As shown in Figure 2 & Figure 3, turnover during the corresponding period in 2021 amounted to P405.1 Million and a total volume of 280.5 Million shares traded were recorded.


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