NSX | IJG Monthly Report - October 2021

    The  NSX  Overall  Index  closed  at  1460.66  points  at  the  end  of  October,  up  from  1445.09  points  in  September,  gaining 1.5% m/m on a total return basis in October compared to a 4.7% m/m decrease in September. The NSX  Local Index increased 2.6% m/m compared to a 0.8% m/m increase in September. Over the last 12 months, the  NSX  Overall  Index  returned  53.0%  against  6.8%  for  the  Local  Index.  The  best  performing  share  on  the  NSX  in  October  was  Bannerman  Resources  Limited,  gaining  36.3%,  while  Oceana  Group  was  the  worst  performer,  dropping 7.9%.


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