NGX | Nigeria : 2024 Cement Sector Outlook - Rebounding from a tumultuous year

    As Nigeria's cement industry reflects on a challenging 2023, characterised by demand-stifling events like the cash crunch orchestrated by a poorly executed currency redesign policy, the material currency devaluation, and bouts of heavy rainfall, its hope for a gradual recovery in 2024 feeds off the return to relative macroeconomic normalcy and early gains from tough policy reforms.

    In 2024, the Nigerian cement industry is expected to benefit from renewed government focus on infrastructure development and construction projects, which could stimulate demand for cement products. With increased budget allocations to critical sectors and ambitious infrastructure initiatives (N1.32 trillion to infrastructure, which represents 5.0% of the total FG 2024 budget), the construction industry is likely to experience a resurgence. Cement manufacturers, in response, are beginning to recalibrate their production strategies in the form of capacity expansion and improved efficiency to meet the anticipated rise in demand. While challenges may persist, the outlook for Nigeria's cement industry in 2024 is one of cautious optimism, with potential growth opportunities emerging amidst the recovery phase.


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