USE | Uganda Securities Exchange Quarterly Bulletin - First Quarter 2022


    Trading in the first quarter registered a tremendous decrease with a turnover of UGX 7.3 bn compared to UGX 16bn registered in the fourth quarter2021.

    The first quarter of 2022 accounted for a total turnover of approximately UGX 7.3 bn, compared to a combined total of UGX 3.3 bn that was traded between January and March 2021.


    Quarterly turnover performance per counter

    Turnover was realized on eleven counters, which are summarized as follows; the UMEME counter took the first position, with a posting of UGX 2.5billion, accounting for 34.44 percent of the total turnover. Stanbic in second position accounted for 30.99 percent while MTN Uganda, Uganda Clays Limited, Bank of Baroda Uganda and National Insurance Corporation accounted for 27.23 percent, 5.50 percent, 1.46 percent, and 0.12 percent respectively. The rest of the counters represented by, New Vision Limited, BATU, CIPLA, DFCU and Centum had a combined turnover of UGX 18.9 million.


    Volume traded per counter

    During the quarter Stanbic dominated activity, with the counter having 82 mn shares traded taking 64.36 percent of the volume, Uganda Clays Limited recorded 13.84 percent of the volume with 17mn shares, while UMEME, MTN Uganda, National Insurance Corporation, and Bank of Baroda, posted 13mn shares, 11mn shares, 1.6mn shares and 1.1mn shares accounting for 10.84 per cent, 8.69 per cent, 1.27 per cent and 0.93 per cent of the total volume respectively. New Vision Limited, CIPLA, DFCU, Centum and BATU recorded marginal positions. 


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