The stock market of the WAEMU Regional Stock Exchange closed higher this week with a BRVM C which grew by 3.19% to 199.55 points and a BRVM 10 by 2.99% to 163.75 points. This week's performance is attributed to gains in all sector indices except the "Other Sectors" sector, which fell by 7.38%. Thus, the sectors "Transport" (+14.64%), "Agriculture" (+4.9%), "Finance" (+4.77%), "Industry" (+2.24%), "Distribution" (+1.76%) and "Public Services" (+1.1%) are all up this week. As for volume transactions, they are up, unlike the previous week, standing at 2 705 118 shares traded against 956 094 shares. ETI TOGO once again dominates trade by representing 63% of this volume. In value, transactions increased by 256.66% to 4.63 billion FCFA against 1.30 billion FCFA last week; Total Senegal representing 24% of this value followed by the SONATEL share (+21%). In total, 25 values are up against 12 down, 7 values have remained constant.

The BRVM bond market shows a market capitalization up by 110 million FCFA, or +1.25%. The overall capitalization of the bonds is 8 907 billion FCFA as of December 16, 2022. Obligations with symbols TPNE. O5 and SNTS. O2 represent respectively 21% and 28% of transactions in value which fell by 81.70% to 255.96 million FCFA.